What is a TeachMeet?

This is becoming the No 1 form of popular professional development for teachers in the UK and other countries. In a nutshell, teachers choose a successful lesson they have done in technology integration, and depending on the time limits set by the TeachMeet organizers (can be 2 minutes, 3 minutes or 7 minutes), they use a data projector and computer and share their lesson. TeachMeets can be held anywhere and at any time.

Watch this YouTube video by BrainPOPUK about TeachMeets.


A TeachMeet in 34 seconds using Microsoft's SongSmith

Some of the ‘rules’
*The teachers listening take notes, photos, videos, they tweet or just listen.
*Presentations need to be short and sharp.
*Presenters can use technology to present i.e. PowerPoint, video, photos etc.
*It is fine to hold up a poster or even sing a song.
*You need to plan before the time

What happens if there are too many people wanting to share something?
The organiser uses some kind of random selector so that you never know who is next. If you are not selected this time, there will be another time…the next TeachMeet. I found this random name generator on the internet:
The organiser could alternatively draw names from a box, or use an Excel spread sheet random selector.

What happens if the teacher talking goes on too long?
The organiser has some way of telling them time is up. They stop immediately, hard as it is. A stopwatch is essential for an organiser.

How long does a TeachMeet session last?
In the UK apparently they are very common in pubs from 5 – 7pm. The length of time depends on who is organizing but often it is a two hour session.

What are the benefits?
It seems like there are so many benefits in our social media age.
*Teachers meet teachers from other schools.
*Teachers share their great ideas and learn from others.
*After the TeachMeet you mingle and ask questions from people who shared something you liked...and eat something yummy!
*They are great fun.
*Teachers love building on ideas, and in the wave of technology integration that is happening they will be encouraged to integrate technology with the curriculum which benefits our digitally-minded learners.
"Every teacher is a source of knowledge and its our simple ideas which can transform another teacher’s classroom. It’s the power of collective wisdom."

Can you show us a preparation template?
There is one on the Download this template page.