What to present

  • You can talk about anything that has inspired you, has worked well in class, a tool, a strategy, a topic... the list is endless.
  • The one rule here is NO SELLING!
  • You do not have to present anything, you can always be an Enthusiastic Lurker and just enjoy the event.
  • We hope to get your presentations in beforehand to enable smooth delivery, but if you can't manage this, please contact us to make a plan.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated, the presentations should be 3 minutes in length.
  • The TeachMeet organisers might have uploaded a PowerPoint template for you to use - just check.

This is the idea:

Title of your presentation
Your name, school and class

1. What is the resource you want to talk about? (website, project, book, tooletc)
2. How does it make a difference to teaching/learning?
3. What impact has it had on your own teaching/learning?
4. Useful links

Submitting Presentations:

Presentations should be uploaded to the Partners in learning Network prior to any TeachMeet event. Click here for instructions on how to do this.